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Title Session Year Session Code Course Outlinesort descending Instructor
STAT 200: Elementary Statistics for Applications 2016 Winter outlines_stat_200_winter15-16_ey.pdf Lang Wu
STAT 241: Introductory Probability and Statistics 2016 Winter s15stat251-course-outline.pdf Melissa Lee
STAT 251: Elementary Statistics 2016 Winter s15stat251-course-outline.pdf Melissa Lee
STAT 302: Introduction to Probability 2016 Winter outlines.stat_302_ey16-17.pdf Eugenia Yu
STAT 305: Introduction to Statistical Inference 2016 Winter stat305_outline_interim_16-17.pdf William J. Welch
STAT 306: Finding Relationships in Data 2016 Winter outline-stat306-2017-hj.pdf Harry Joe
STAT 443: Time Series and Forecasting 2016 Winter stat443_16-17nn.pdf Natalia Nolde
STAT 450: Case Studies in Statistics 2016 Winter outlines.stat45016-17gc.pdf Gabriela V. Cohen Freue
STAT 461: Statistical Inference II 2016 Winter outlines.stat461_16-17jc.pdf Jiahua Chen
STAT 538A: Generalized Linear Models 2017 Winter outline-stat538-2016-hj.pdf Lang Wu
STAT 545A: Exploratory Data Analysis 2017 Winter stat545_outline.17-18.pdf
STAT 547C: Topics in Statistics 2017 Winter stat547c_outline.17-18.pdf
STAT 547L: Topics in Statistics 2017 Winter 547l-tent.pdf James V. Zidek FRSC, O.C.
STAT 547M: Topics in Statistics 2017 Winter stat547m-outline.17-18.pdf
STAT 551: Statistical Consulting Practicum 2017 Winter stat551_outline.17-18.pdf
STAT 560: Statistical Theory I 2017 Winter stat560_outline.17-18.pdf Jiahua Chen
STAT 535A: Statistical Computing 2017 Winter stat535a_outline.17-18.pdf Alexandre Bouchard-Côté
STAT 536C: Statistical Theory for the Design and Analysis of Clinical Studies 2017 Winter stat_536c_outline.17-18.pdf Lang Wu
STAT 540: Statistical Methods for High Dimensional Biology 2017 Winter stat540_outline.17-18.pdf
STAT 547H: Topics in Statistics 2017 Winter stat547h_outline.17-18.pdf Marie Auger-Méthé