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EDI Seminar Series

The Statistics Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Speaker Series   

Are you curious about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)? Are you wondering how to incorporate EDI practices into your own work? Do you want to engage with different knowledge systems and increase inclusive dialogues? Well, this speaker series may be just for you. All faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows and students from the department of Statistics and affiliated units are invited to attend!  

What do the sessions look like? 

Sessions will span from September 2022 to February 2023. There will be a 50-minute talk followed by facilitated a 40-minute small-group discussion with lunch provided. Participants are invited to attend the talk alone or both the talk and discussion. Recordings of each talk will be posted after each session. Participants are invited to turn their cameras off if they do not want to be recorded. Please check the schedule below for more details about the date, time and location of upcoming sessions. 

Who are the speakers?  

This series will highlight academics who are actively working on EDI research, EDI teaching practices, diverse ways of knowing or other EDI initiatives in the fields of Statistics and Data Science. We are inviting speakers from post-secondary institutions from around the globe as well as from right here at UBC. They will be featured on this page prior to each talk, so check back to see which inspiring presenter this series will host next! Past talks have been posted so please feel free to watch those. 

Why is this important?   

This initiative will help create a space to highlight and support EDI work in Statistics and Data Science. The topics presented by the speakers will help participants gain skills and knowledge to advance inclusivity within and outside the classroom. In addition, these seminars will strengthen EDI networks in and outside of UBC, which will support the exchange of ideas and foster research and engagement in equity and inclusion. 

Organizing committee

Melissa Lee, Assistant Professor of Teaching

Dr. Marie Auger-Méthé, Associate Professor 

Jonathan Agyeman, PhD candidate

Rowenna Gryba, PhD candidate

Sasha McDowell, PhD candidate

We gratefully acknowledge the financial support from the Equity Enhancement Fund and the Department of Statistics


We would like to thank all our guest speakers and the people who participated in our first Statistics EDI seminar series. We have ended our EDI seminar series for the year. More information on next year's seminars will be posted in September.