Q: What are the Statistics course requirements for Promotion to year 4?

STAT 305 and STAT 306 (or ECON 326 for the BA Combined Major in Econ/Stat) must be completed for promotion to year 4. Please also see the Faculty of Science general requirements for promotion. For example:

Q: I am a Statistics major. How can I apply to the Statistics co-op program and what are the qualifications?

If you are in year 3, there is a deadline in early October. If you are in year 2, there is a deadline in early March.
Please see web site https://sciencecoop.ubc.ca/prospective/apply/statistics for instructions, qualifications and possible schedules for co-op terms.

Q: I am a Statistics major and would like to change to a combined CPSC/Stat Major program. What is the procedure?

You would have to apply to the CPSC Department. For the form, please see https://www.cs.ubc.ca/students/undergrad/prospective/switching/computer-.... It opens in April, and is closed for parts of the year.

Q: I am a Statistics major and would like to change to a combined Econ/Stat Major program. What is the procedure?

Please see the Department of Economics find web link for more information. The deadline to apply is around May 20th.

Q: I have previously applied for admission to the Statistics major but I was not successful. Can I apply again?

If you have continued to take Stat / Math courses at the 300 level and above, and your grades have improved, then you can apply again at:

Q: I am interested being a Major in Statistics but am currently in a different specialisation. How can I apply to transfer to Statistics?

We assume that you are in year 2 or later. You can apply via the online form at: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_0MQQzD5Bq1wqtyl after you have completed Stat 200 (introductory statistics), Math 200(multivariable calculus), Math 221 (linear algebra) and Math/Stat 302 (introductory probability) with decent grades.
Please read the instructions carefully before submitting your application. Applications will be considered in January and in May each year by the reviewing of overall profiles and grades in relevant Computer Science, Mathematics, and Statistics courses.
The application deadlines are mid-January and mid-May. Entry to the Statistics major is competitive. For any further inquiries such as Major in Mathematical Sciences, please contact an advisor at latemajorentrants at stat dot ubc dot ca.

Q: I am interested being a Major in Statistics, but the Faculty of Science assigned me to a different major. Any recommendations?

If you are in year 2, follow the recommended courses listed in the academic calendar for the Statistics specialisation that you are interested in: for example, Major in Statistics, Combined Major CPSC/Statistics, Combined Major Statistics/Economics.
Take Math 200 (multivariable calculus), Math 221 (linear or matrix algebra) and Math/Stat 302 (introductory probability) as soon as possible. Then read the next item.

Q: I am interested being a Major in Statistics. How can I apply?

If you are applying at the end of year 1 and hope to be a Statistics major with year 2 standing, please follow the procedure at http://www.science.ubc.ca/students/degree/apply. You should list Statistics among your top 3 choices. If you ask for Statistics as a top choice and didn't get this choice, please go to the next item.

Q: Do you have anti-virus software that I can download and use free of charge?

Yes.  UBC ITServices has a software license for the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP), please refer to UBC "malware-protection" web page for more information:


The software license is applied to:

  • UBC-owned devices: Supported by a Faculty, Department of Research IT Department
  • Personal-owned devices: Used for University Business

We retain a copy of the latest version of UBC cybersecurity software which we can distribute locally to qualified users via our Nextcloud service, also known as owncloud.stat.ubc.ca.  Please contact the department IT staff for support.

Q: How to add guest user on my virtual server?

Add a guest
Guest login name should be easy to identify and no space or special characters. 
ie. John Foo = john.foo
$ sudo useradd john.foo

Add guest password
$ sudo passwd john.foo
  Make a strong passwd for your guest and ask your guest  to call you for passwd.

Add guest to sshfs mounting group
$ sudo usermod -a -G fuse john.foo

Delete guest users account and all of their files
$ sudo userdel john.foo