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Schwartz Prize

In memory of Dr. Lorraine Schwartz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics from 1960-1965, her friends and colleagues established this prize in 1966. It is awarded annually for distinctions in the fields of statistics and probability to an undergraduate or graduate student upon the recommendation of the Departments of Mathematics and Statistics.

Dr. Schwartz received her PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in1960, working with Professor Lucien Le Cam, with a thesis entitled "Consistency of Bayes' Procedures".   She then took a position at UBC where she remained until her untimely death.  However even in her brief career, she made seminal contributions to her field in published research papers that are still cited today.  Her publication list includes the following journal articles.

  • Schwartz, L and Wearden, S.  (1959).  A distribution-free asymptotic method of estimating, testing and setting confidence limits for heritability.   Biometrics 15: 227-235.
  • LeCam, L. and Schwartz, L.  (1960).  A necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of consistent estimates.  Annals of Mathematical Statistics 31: 140-150.
  • Brieman, L, Schwartz, L, and LeCam, L.  (1964).  Consistent estimates and zero-one sets.  Annals of Mathematical Statistics 35: 157-161.
  • Schwartz, L.  (1964).  On consistency of Bayes procedures.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 52:  46-49.
  • Schwartz, L (1965).  On Bayes procedures.  Probability Theory and Related Fields 4: 10-26.

This award is usually announced in May Year+1.


Recipient's Name Year Recipient's Category Program News Item
Pardis Semnani 2022 Graduate PhD Math
Quang Vuong 2021 Undergraduate Honours Math
Huanqing Wang 2020 Undergraduate Honours Math/Stat Lorraine Schwartz Prize Announcement
Frances (Chun Fan) Cheng 2019 Undergraduate Honours Math/Stat
Junjie Zhu 2018 Graduate MSc Math
Jeffrey Dawson 2017 Undergraduate Honours CPSC/Math
Tom Hutchcroft 2016 Graduate PhD Math
Ian McDonald 2015 Undergraduate Honours Math
Jeffrey Bone 2014 Graduate MSc Stat 2014 Lorraine Schwartz Prize Winner- Jeff Bone
Deshin (James) Finlay 2013 Undergraduate
Roland Bauerschmidt 2012 Graduate
Lei Hua 2011 Graduate
Hannah Cairns 2010 Undergraduate
Farzin Barekat 2009 Undergraduate
Joel Fox 2008 Undergraduate
Cody Severinski 2007 Undergraduate
Chen Huang 2006 Undergraduate
Wei-Lung (Dustin) Tseng 2005 Undergraduate
Miranda Holmes 2004 Undergraduate
Richard Liang 2003 Undergraduate