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Lucy Mosquera receives the 2018 Rick White Award

The Rick White Award recognizes students who demonstrate excellence in statistical science through collaboration with investigators in another discipline on a substantial application. The award honours the memory of Rick White, who served the department and the university with his gifts in Applied Statistics.

The winner of this year’s Rick White Award is Lucy Mosquera, an M.Sc. student in our Biostatistics program. Lucy is an outstanding student with exceptional potential in applied statistical research and interdisciplinary work. Through her research, consulting, and course work, Lucy has applied strong statistical techniques to a diverse number of real-world projects. Lucy's involvement in applied research began early in her academic career when she worked as a research assistant at the Canadian National Collection of Insects and Arachnids and at the Colauttie Lab at Queen's University. She later complemented her research experience by working as a Data Management research assistant at the Kingston General Hospital. She is currently working with Professor Ehsan Karim on the development of statistical techniques to assess the causal effect of treatment in clinical trials.

Lucy excelled in STAT 550, the first year consulting course taken by all graduate students in the department. Her performance was strong enough that she was able to participate in two SOS projects with ASDa as a Junior Consultant, a position that is not usually available to students prior to their completion of STAT 550.

Lucy has proven to be an excellent collaborator with strong analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills. These key assets are of fundamental importance in consulting and interdisciplinary initiatives.

Congratulations, Lucy!


You can read about Rick and the Rick White Award at: To learn more about or to support the Rick White Memorial Fund, see:

May 22, 2019