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Luke Bornn - Faculty of Science Graduate Prize

Luke Bornn, who recently received his PhD from our department, is this year's recipient of the Faculty of Science Graduate Prize, given to the graduating Doctoral student who is deemed best in the graduating class in the Faculty of Science. The recipient of this award is the Faculty of Science's nominee for the UBC Governor General's Gold Medal - winner to be announced during graduation.

Skylight Development Grant awarded to Stat dept. members

Jenny Bryan, Rick White, and Davor Cubranic were awarded a Skylight Development Grant from the Office of the Dean of Science. They will use the funds to assemble a "toolkit" for managing and delivering of data analytic course material.

Judge’s failure to understand probability causes overturn of acquittal of Amanda Knox

From the New York Times March 26 2013

"Italy’s highest court on Tuesday overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox, accused of the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher, a 21-year-old British woman who was Knox’s roommate in Perugia, Italy, at the time."

The judge seemed to misunderstand basic probability principals involved in DNA testing.  Perhaps STAT 302 should be required of all judges!  

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Dr. Gabriela Cohen-Freue, CRC in Statistical Genomics

UBC Statistics Professor Gaby Cohen Freue has received a Canadian Research Chair in Statistical Genomics.  Gaby's special focus is in Proteomics, and her research interests also include robust estimation and inference and the study of linear models with endogeneity.  The federally funded Canada Research Chair program was launched in 2000 as a national strategy to attract and retain top researchers, to make Canada one of the world's top countries in research and development.

Professor Jiahua Chen Receives UBC Killam Research Fellowship

Jiahua Chen has been awarded a UBC Killam Research Fellowship.  This prestigious award is  to support Professor Chen's research during his 2013 study leave.

Camila Casquilho Resende awarded Wendy Fan Memorial Scholarship

Camila Casquilho Resende, PhD student, has been awarded the Wendy Fan Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship has been endowed in memory of Wendy Fan. The award is offered to a student who began graduate study in Science, Applied Science, Medicine or Commerce and Business Administration and who has received his or her undergraduate degree at an institution outside of North America. The award is made on the recommendation of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Constance van Eeden Invited Speaker Professor Gavin Shaddick's lecture now available on Mathtube

The Statistics Department thanks Gavin Shaddick for a wonderful seminar, Constance van Eeden for her continued support of such events, and PIMS for filming the lecture and posting it on their website.