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PhD/Msc Alumni


Thesis Title: Adaptive Likelihood Weights and Mixtures of Empirical Distributions
First Position: Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Toronto
Current Position: Professeur Adjoint, HEC Montréal
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: Bayesian Inference in the Multivariate Probit Model
First Position: PhD student, Department of Statistics, UBC
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Linear Mixed Models in Functional Regression
Supervisor: Nancy E. Heckman
First Position: Research Associate, Department of Statistics, UBC
Current Position: Senior Biostatistician, Center for Outcomes Research, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: Co-op Report
First Position: Biostatistician, Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, St.Paul's Hospital, Vancouver
Program: MSc


Thesis Title: Pre-Processing of Quantitative Phenotypes from High Throughput Studies
Supervisor: Jennifer Bryan
First Position: Sessional Instructor, Department of Statistics, UBC
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Robust Model Selection for High-dimensional datasets
Supervisor: Ruben H. Zamar
First Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: The Theory and Methods for Measurement Errors and Missing Data Problems in Semiparametric Nonlinear Mixed-effects Models
Supervisor: Lang Wu
First Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, York University, Toronto
Program: PhD
Thesis Title: Longitudinal Analyses of Medication Adherence Data in HIV-Infected Illicit Drug Users
Supervisor: John Petkau, Brian Conway
First Position: PhD Student, Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo
Program: MSc
Thesis Title: Analysis of Onset Times of Features for NF2 Patients
Supervisor: Harry Joe
First Position: Statistician, iCapture Centre, St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver, BC
Program: MSc


Thesis Title: Inference in Partially Linear Models with Correlated Errors
Supervisor: Nancy E. Heckman
First Position: Statistical Consultant and Trainer, Ghement Statistical Consulting Company
Program: PhD