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Research and Teaching Interests

I joined the Department of Statistics, UBC as a Professor in 2003 and was Head of Department from 2003 until 2008 and Interim Head for 5 months in 2018. Prior to 2003 I was at the University of Waterloo for 16 years.

In recent years I have taught mainly our third-year inference course, STAT 305, and our fourth-year design of experiments course, STAT 404.   Occasionally, I have taught SCIE 113, which is a first-year seminar on scientific argumentation and writing and a graduate-level topics course on computer experiments.

My research spans computer-aided design of experiments, quality improvement, the design and analysis of computer experiments, statistical methods for drug discovery, and machine/statistical learning. Most of it involves applications in the physical sciences and engineering.  Some of the talented graduate students who make my research programs happen are listed below.

Current Students and Post-Docs

Namesort descending Profile Category Supervisors
Parham Pishrobat Graduate Students William J. Welch